Piksey Pico, Nano & M7

Affordable microcontroller platforms designed to be used for applications ranging from hobby electronics to complex, machine learning systems.

Piksey – Pico

The world’s smallest Arduino core. It contains the newer ATmega328PB microcontroller and packs more features than the Arduino Uno into a tiny form factor.

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Piksey Pico Size Comparison With Euro Coin
Piksey Nano 3D render

Piksey – Nano

The Piksey Nano is similar to the Arduino Nano but uses the newer ATmega328PB microcontroller, giving it 4 more I/Os, 2 more timers & twice as many communication interfaces.

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Piksey – M7

The world’s fastest, feature rich, microcontroller platform designed to be the ultimate learning tool for hobbyists and professionals alike.

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Piksey M7 development board