Piksey Pico


Tiny & powerful.

More features and performance than an Arduino Uno in a tiny, quarter-sized board that’s breadboard compatible.

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The Piksey Pico is currently the world’s smallest Arduino compatible core that uses the newer ATmega32PB microcontroller and has a built-in USB to serial converter. It packs more features and performance than an Arduino Uno in a tiny, breadboard compatible form factor that is smaller than a matchbox in size.

The Piksey Pico uses the Optiboot bootloader, freeing up more space for your code. It has 16 breadboard compatible pins with the rest being available on the 1.27mm header pins.

Getting Started Guide

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Technical Details:

    Microcontroller: ATmega328PB
    Operating Frequency: 16MHz
    Operating Voltage: 5V
    FLASH: 32KB, 0.5KB reserved for bootloader
    SRAM: 2KB
    I/O Pins: 25
    ADC Pins: 8
    USART Modules: 2
    I2C Modules: 2
    SPI Modules: 2
    PWM Channels: 10
    Programming Interface: Built-in USB to serial converter using a micro USB port
    Maximum Voltage Input: 18V
    Dimensions: 20.3×20.3×6.0mm
    Weight: 2.07g


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