BBox 2 (Integrated Circuits)


BBox 2 teaches you how to use integrated circuits like timers, comparators, op-amps, counters, logic gates, etc. and we use these to build 20 different projects including a stereo Bluetooth speaker system with a VU meter.

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The BBox 2 comprises of 20 different kits that are made up of a PCB, all the necessary through-hole components and also a short description of the circuit operation along with the schematic. It contains over 400 items and the PCBs help you practice your soldering skills too.

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Dale Nelson
4 months 18 days ago

Can this be bought on Amazon or do we order from you and you have U.S. dispatch capabilities to save shipping costs? I ordered box one off of Kickstarter back in late Spring of this year sometime in May I’m thinking as I was looking to buy kit 2 but I think it wasn’t ready at the time.

4 months 18 days ago

Thank you for the query. In appreciation of your continued support, I sent you a message on Kickstarter which contains a discount code that you can use during checkout. The products are also available on Amazon ( but at a higher price to account for Amazon’s commission and related charges.


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