Pico LED Shield – Demo

Pico LED Shield - Demo

Pico LED Shield – Demo

This post provides reference code to get up and running with the Pico LED shield. It is only meant for “early-access” users. We will be releasing a more basic, detailed post soon which will walk through all the details.

The shield can either be used with a breadboard or it can be mounted directly onto the Pico module by soldering the appropriate header pins. An example of each is shown below:

Pico LED Shield On Breadboard
Pico LED Shield – Breadboard
Pico LED Shield Mounted On Pico
Pico LED Shield – Mounted On Pico

The wiring information is contained within the Arduino Sketch attached below and is repeated here for reference:

//Pin connected to ST_CP of LED shield
int latchPin = 3;
//Pin connected to SH_CP of LED shield
int clockPin = 4;
////Pin connected to DS of LED shield
int dataPin = 2;

When mounting the shield on the Pico module, please orient the shield correctly. The 5V, GND pins can be used as a reference. Here’s an image showing the correct orientation.

Pico LED Shield Pinout
Pico LED Shield Pinout
Demo Sketch

Finally, here’s a quick demo sketch to test the shield. It contains a function that can be used to light up individual LEDs. There are also two “for” loops which illuminate the LEDs sequentially.

Download the sketch here

The following GIFs illustrated the two patterns.

Pico LED Shield - Vertical
Pico LED Shield – Vertical
Pico LED Shield - Horizontal
Pico LED Shield – Horizontal
Moving On

This post will be updated to include more information about shift registers and related details.