Blobs are the electronic building blocks that let you add critical functionality to your projects. Microcontrollers, accelerometers, microSD cards and a lot more…

Blobs - 8x3 LED Matrix

24 LED Matrix

A 3×8 LED (0603) array to let you create custom patterns. It uses 2x shift registers for control.

Blobs - LIS3DH 3 axis accelerometer

3-axis Accelerometer (LIS3DH)

A digital accelerometer to let you track motion. It has built-in voltage level translators for 5V operation.

Blobs - microSD card

microSD Card

Supports SPI and SDIO (faster) interfaces with built-in voltage level translators for 5V operation.

Blobs - Dual Motor Driver

Dual DC Motor Driver

Dual H-bridge design which can run 2 DC motors or 1 stepper motor up to 1.5A RMS current.

Blobs - Class D Audio Amplifier

Class D Audio Amplifier

This module can be used to create tiny speaker systems. It contains 2x 4.7W amplifiers.

Blobs - Bluetooth Audio Module

Bluetooth Audio Module

This module acts as a Bluetooth audio receiver and can be used to create a Bluetooth speaker system.

Blobs - Voltage Level Translator

Voltage Level Translator

This module contains a bi-directional, 6-channel voltage translator with a 3.3V regulator.

Blobs - Prototype Board

Custom Proto-Board

Quickly create a custom blob with this proto-board that has been cut to size.

Blobs - LiPo Battery Charging, Protection

LiPo Battery – Charge & Protect

Power your creations using Li-Po/Li-Ion batteries and let this module take care of charging and protection.

Blobs - Piksey Pico

Piksey Pico

The world’s smallest Arduino Core featuring the ATmega328PB microcontroller and a dedicated USB-to-serial converter. The Pico is ideal for compact projects.

Blobs - Piksey Nano

Piksey Nano

The Piksey Nano also contains the newer ATmega328PB and is designed for breadboard operation and protoypes. It features a dedicated USB-to-serial converter.

Blobs - Piksey M0

Piksey M0

The M0 is for projects that need the extra performance. It features a Cortex-M0 core and is currently the brains of our upcoming robotics platform.