Our bits (a.k.a kits) are designed with a practical-first approach. Grasp the basics by building useful electronic circuits.

We have a lot planned in the following weeks, take a sneak-peek below.

Bluetooth Boombox

Learn how to build a stereo, Bluetooth audio system and listen to music from your phone or computer. This kit also teaches you about class D amplifiers and speaker systems.

Bits - Bluetooth Boombox
Bits - Voice Recorder

Voice Recorder

Build a simple voice recorder and playback circuit that can be used to record greetings and messages. These can be placed anywhere in the home or can be used to send a unique, “personal greeting” to a loved one.

Motion Activated Night Light

Learn how to build your own night light. This kit is compact enough to be left along stairs or in other locations and activates the 6 LEDs when motion is detected.

Bits - Motion Activated Night Light