Our bits (a.k.a kits) are designed with a practical-first approach. Grasp the basics by building useful electronic circuits.

The BBox series aims at helping you learn electronics at different levels, starting with the basics.

BBox 1

BBox 1 contains everything you need to get started with over 500 different items ranging from resistors, capacitors, sensors etc. Start with the basics and work your way up to learning about logic gates which prepares you for level 2 (BBox 2) where we build projects using digital electronics and integrated circuits.

BBox 1 - Discrete Components
BBox 2 - Integrated Circuits

BBox 2

BBox 2 comprises of 20 different kits that are made up of a PCB, all the necessary through-hole components and also a short description of the circuit operation along with the schematic. It contains over 400 items and the PCBs help you practice your soldering skills too.

BBox 3

By taking a practical approach to learning about microcontrollers and programming, BBox 3 opens up a whole new world when it comes to building electronic projects.

BBox 3 - Micro-controllers